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Baba Baby O Full Bengali Movie 2022 Download

March 28, 2022 Bengali Movie HD

Baba Baby O Full Bengali Movie 2022 Download

…:: Basic Info::…

Movie: Baba Baby O
Director: Aritra Mukherjee
Genres: Thriller
Release Date: 13 Jan 2022
Language: Bengali
File Size: 1.2GB
Stars: Md Amir Hamja, Solanki Roy, Jishu Sengupta

Storyline: Baba Baby O Full Bengali Movie 2022 40-something Megh decides to have babies through surrogacy. His life takes a u-turn when he meets Brishti. The film tries to highlight that love can happen anywhere, anytime.
The film begins with Megh becoming a father through surrogacy to two little boys (later referred to as Potol-Posto). Due to his constant denial and disinterest in marriage, his father comes to doubt if he is gay and in a relationship with his best friend. However, he reveals that his disinterest is not only due to his age but also due to the rejection he faced from his former girlfriend due to his love and desire for children.

Megh goes to a toy shop to buy toys for his boys, sees Brishti scolding a man for his indecent comments. Megh, as his caring nature suggests, rescues Brishti from the ruckus, also has developed a crush on her. Through numerous encounters henceforth, he helps Brishti in various ways. It is eventually revealed that Brishti has a sour relationship with her mother due to her second marriage as she believes her mother dumped her father, while it is vice versa. It is also revealed that she hates kids as she believes they are irrational and impractical, unlike adults which breaks Megh’s heart. Enter Souvik, Brishti’s boyfriend, who plans to shift to Sydney with Brishti and sell the house and toy shop that Brishti and her mother have inherited from the latter’s second marriage. This makes Brishti’s mother furious and Brishti leaves the house with Souvik. Brishti seeks help from Megh and he finds them an apartment beside his flat for rent. A beautiful relationship develops between Megh’s parents, Brishti, and Megh’s children, whom Brishti begins to accept.

We see the constant neglect that Souvik offers in the relationship with Brishti, not being there when she needs him the most, unlike Megh, who always open-heartedly tries to hear Brishti out. Brishti finds a letter in her luggage which was written by her biological father to her mother before she got married for the second time, stating that he has happily settled again and Brishti must not know how he has dumped her. Brishti regrets not accepting her adoptive father and her mother’s marriage when her adoptive father was alive. She tries to contact Souvik who is out of the house, but not getting any support from him, calls Megh instead. Megh consoles her. British reconciles with her mother.

Some days later, as Brishti is about to leave for Sydney with a souvenir, her mother shows her a picture of Megh and approves him over Souvik, as he kept sending Brishti’s pictures to her mother all the while that she was away.
Brishti and Souvik have lunch at Megh’s place and Brishti leaves for Sydney with a heavy heart. Megh realizes how important Brishti is to him and goes to stop her when his parents motivate him, however in vain. He returns home only to find Brishti waiting for him. She tells him that she was always confused if Megh was her father or her lover due to his fatherly nature, hinting at the void of the fatherly love that she had always craved. Megh assures her that she is free to love him in whatever way. Brishti says she might not be a good mother to Potol Posto but can be a good friend to them. Megh tells her that every kind of love has affection and she is free to mold their children in any way she wants. Megh and Brishti reconcile, a happy family scene is shown, hinting at their marriage and love-filled life with a sense of freedom ahead

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